My BNI Membership is one of the most rewarding tax advantages that I have! After all, where can you hire an entire effective sales team for the cost of an annual membership? The cost is easily outweighed by the outcome.

I look forward to our weekly meetings and the friendship/fellowship that comes with it. We’re a tight knit group of like-minded credible business professionals focused on positive attitude with positive results. The meetings give me a chance to inform others on what I do best, how I can help others and what kind of business I’m looking for. I always come away from the meetings feeling uplifted with something gained (and always look forward to next week)!

My personal confidence (self-esteem) and business growth can be attributed to BNI. When I first joined BNI, I had difficulty speaking in front of crowds ~ Look at me now!

Thank you BNI for your concept - your structure keeps us credible, on-track and focused for positive results. A MUST WITH ANY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS!

Denise Dunkley AMP

Denise Dunkley

Dominion Lending Centres – Home Capital Solutions Inc.

BNI has been a great salesperson for my business!!

When I started with The Co-operators in 1996, my agency had 1 full time and 1 very part time staff. We had hundreds of clients, most of which had 1 product with our agency. We had high traffic in the office, lots of phone calls, lots of service issues. Shortly thereafter I decided to start a BNI chapter. Today there are 5 full-time staff, 1 part time, double the number of clients and over double the revenue. Less traffic, fewer calls, we almost never have a service issue and the overwhelming majority of our clients have 2,3 or 4 products with us!!

What a difference BNI can make!!

Givers gain.



I joined BNI in the late 90′s after being invited out to two other local chapters / clubs. It was my invitation to the BNI Champagne Chapter that convinced me to join!The group is high on energy, focused about getting members referrals and a great group to spend Thursday mornings with over breakfast.

As I sit in my office writing this today, it goes without saying that I’ve made a great number of business relationships that has resulted not only in business for me, but that act as a great resource of trusted suppliers for me personally and my business… and that allows me to refer our chapter members with confidence to clients, family and friends with ease.

I hope you will consider checking out the BNI Champagne Chapter just as I did, because “You never know who somebody knows!!!”

Graham Ashdown

Grassroots® The Inspection Specialists