Where is the meeting taking place?
Please see our location page

When do meetings start?
Every Thursday (except on holidays and special occasions) at 7:00am sharp.

What Fees Are Involved?
One time registration
Annual dues
$13.50 cash or cheque. Includes breakfast, beverage, tax and tip. Paid monthly.

What to bring:
A pen and paper, as well as thirty business cards to share with members.

Preparing for the meeting:
Coming to a BNI meeting can be a wonderful, rewarding and profitable experience. To make the most of it though, you will want to prepare.

  • Bring any flyers/current promotional materials.
  • Prepare a 60 second infomercial about your business. Remember to include examples of who a good referral might be for you.
  • Make note of the location and address details so you know how to find us.
  • We encourage you to arrive at 6.50 a.m., so you will have time to network with members and other guests prior to the meeting.

What to expect:
BNI meetings are very well structured for a couple of reasons. First, to make sure the meeting stays focused on generating business. Second, to get everyone out the door by 8:30am! The following information will help you understand what is happening and guide you through the meeting:

  • First, you will be greeted by our Visitor Hosts. They will help you sign in and help you find your way to the coffee and juice.
  • As you get your coffee, you will have the opportunity to mingle and introduce yourself to chapter members and other guests.
  • Next, you will notice breakfast foods being laid out; you may take this opportunity to prepare a meal of your preference to enjoy during the meeting.
  • We will all be given a signal so that we know when we should take our seats so that the meeting can commence. You will be given the opportunity to pass your business cards around the table to our members as well as take business cards from the Member business card box.
  • Once the meeting begins, each member will have the opportunity to present their 60 second infomercial. At the end of the member infomercials, guests will be invited to present their individual infomercials.
  • During this time you wish to enjoy your meal while listening to each member speak. Each week one member is given the opportunity to present an eight minute presentation on their business. This gives the rest of the members an opportunity to learn more about the individuals and businesses in our group.
  • Next, comes one of the most important elements of the meeting – the referrals. At this time, members and guests will have the opportunity to exchange referrals (BNI referral slips will be available round the table), or give testimonials. If you do not have a referral to give we encourage you to tell us something positive about the meeting or highlight something that you have learned.
  • After this time we will take care of any BNI chapter business and have announcements.
  • Once adjourned, you will have another opportunity to mingle with members and other guests.